As part of my own photography and filmmaking, I also started a photography and filmmaking related Meetup group, called “The Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Group”. The main objective is to organize photography and filmmaking related events for people that would like to enjoy and learn more about photography and filmmaking and ofcourse meet new likeminded people! As for now, the group has around 500 members!

You can visit the meetup group here:

Our first International Meetup @Brussels – Belgium (august 2019)

We also have a Facebook page where we share pictures we shot or plan events as an extra service next to the website. You can visit the page here:

Cosplay Shoots at Comiccon 2019 @Waagnatie Antwerp (Belgium)
In 2020 many more events in the Netherlands and Belgium will be organized!

Iceskating Meetup @Uithof The Hague 2019
Fashion shoots on location