The Dutch Photography and Film Making Meetup – The Netherlands/Belgium is my photography and filmmaking Meetup which you can find here:

NOTE: Because of Covid-19 all photo/video club related activities have been put on hold (like the Nightphoto walks, Iceskating Challenge, Exhibition visits and Modelshoot events planned in Brussels – Belgium) until further notice. Please follow our Meetup and Facebook pages for updates!


Jaren geleden ben ik “The Dutch Photography and Filmmaking Meetup” groep begonnen via en daar is later een aparte Facebook groep bijgekomen die ik gebruik om met leden te communiceren, foto’s te delen en te bespreken en om gezamenlijke events te organiseren in Nederland en België. Events bestaan uit Museum bezoekjes, Nachtfotografie Walks, Modelshoots, Cosplay shoots, Sport (jaarlijkse Ice skating events in de Uithof in Den Haag) en nog veel meer!

Introduction (in English):

Years ago I started “The Dutch Photography and Filmmaking Meetup” group on Later on a separate Facebook group was added that I use to communicate with members, to share and discuss photos and to organize joint events in the Netherlands and Belgium. Events consist of Museum visits, Night photography Walks, Model shoots, Cosplay shoots, Sport (annual Ice skating events in the Uithof in The Hague) and much more!

De Facebook groep kun je hier bezoeken / Our Facebook group can be visited here:


Video shot of Cosplaymodel “Coco” at Comiccon Antwerp (September 15th in Antwerp 2019).
First International Meetup of the Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup at Brussels – Belgium (August 14th 2019)
Cosplaymodel “Coco” during the 1st International Meetup in Brussel (August 14th 2019)
Challenge Cup in De Uithof deel I – Den Haag (February 23rd – 2020)
Challenge Cup in De Uithof deel II – Den Haag (February 23rd – 2020)
Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup Brussel – (August 14th 2019)

Photoslider. The difference and translation between colour and tonality (photo: Rotterdam De Maas 2013).

The Exposure Triangle (by NoFilmSchool)