I am Joris Maas, graduated in 2001 as a photographer and originally specialized in architecture and later on fashion and events. Besides photography I shoot video’s during events or for my personal projects (like timelapsevideos).

I shoot mainly with Canon and Panasonic equipment and I own equipment like a Ronin two handed gimbal stabilizer and a Moza Aircross one handed gimbal stabilizer, sliders, an electronic Syrp Genie motion control but also sound recording equipment in order to create binaural sound recordings.

In the future I will do more with 360 photo- and videography as well. Next to my photography and videography I also run a Meetup group for photographers, videographers, models, scriptwriters and many more enthousiasts. Originally the group was created to bring photographers and videographers in the Netherlands together but since several photography enthousiasts from Belgium also were looking for an active photography group I did expand to Belgium as well.

Please, check the Meetup Group section in the header of this website!

If you would like to get in contact with me, just check the contact page on the website for my email and phone information.

Joris Maas